Services provide funds or capital for commercial or personal reasons under the tenure of umbrella – finance. It is also an economic branch that studies the management of money and other assets. This can also be defined as the management of funds and capital needed by business and personal activities. Financial management has also developed into a special branch in the financial sector and carried out by financial managers.

Just place this manager regulate money to be loaned to business or personal individuals using one of the money available from a company account or from an external lender. A simple optimization process is used to accept the most of these funds by reducing costs to regulate financial while at the same time ensuring high returns. The fact is that it regulates most of the world’s activities and poor financial management will soon emerge when conditions deteriorate in procurement, production and sales because it affects every field of business activities. The task of the financial manager is to maximize profits while maintaining a minimum risk so that you can understand why there are high stress levels related to this work.

One of the most famous management of Lee Iacocca management refers to the financial manager as a bean counter that almost looks at the expenditure section with a rather pessimistic view. Financial managers are people who always like to see where they are and do not look into the future in the same way as sales managers. For most small business owners, there are no clear differences between personal and businesses that often lead to funds used in fields that are not part of the settings. When money is loaned in this situation, the lender feels quite sad because they lose control where the money is being invested.

Although fighting a tendency to use funds this way can reduce a person’s enthusiasm in the short term, it will focus the attention of the borrower and may instill more discipline in the future. Fortunately, small businesses can always use friends or relationships that are more approved to help provide financial. However, the financial manager is in a position to make money for their company so that their loan sources can help increase their profits. Bob’s famous comedian hopes to best conclude the subject when he once said; The bank is a place that will lend money to you but only if you can prove that you don’t need it.