Bluetooth technology has many advantages.

He is wireless. The wireless eliminates the threads that are sometimes entangled, causing minor accidents such as dangerous connections, etc. It is not necessary to worry about bringing with you the connection cables for your laptop, MP3, PDA and mobile.
This increases efficiency. Due to the improvement of communications, the information is quickly transferred to companies and between partners and clients.
It is less expensive. Because of this advantage, companies get lower manufacturing costs that save them. Consumers are then benefited because prices are also reduced.
It’s automatic. It is not necessary to configure a connection or push buttons. Bluetooth devices start communicating when they enter a beach up to 30 feet from each other. You can leave them and attend another business because they take care of the whole process.
It works on a standard protocol. With its standard wireless specification, you are assured of a high level of compatibility in the middle of other devices. Each Bluetooth profile is specific to a defined function.
It consumes less energy. Using low power signals, the Bluetooth only needs energy, thus used less electrical or battery. This is really an excellent advantage for mobile gadgets because it will not exhaust the life of your battery.
It offers great flexibility and mobility. With the Bluetooth standard, compatible gadgets share voice communication and data. A Bluetooth compatible mobile phone can share voice conversations with compatible Bluetooth headset. The same mobile phone can also create a GPRS connection on the Internet. Also with Bluetooth, the same phone can connect to a laptop and the latter can surf the band and even send and receive emails.
It’s universal. Be standard around the world, this technology is safe to stay. Electronic manufacturers will be more than eager to operate their product with the use of a Bluetooth.