Many entrepreneurs have failed in business because they ignore their business and do not pay attention to the key elements of it. For them, no news is good news. Maybe you had a debt more debt and you planned or have collectors calling your office and you do not want to face it because it scares you, then suddenly, no news is Good news, but you are secretly mental with your spouse and avoid your business until you fail.

This is the “ignorance, bliss” business plan. It is harmful for wedding and business and many couples who start a home business make this mistake. This happens because most of these couples have never managed a company before and do not know what they are doing. They are afraid and want to hide vs facing the business and its problems.

These couples often have a common spouse and that money is used as personal income; So the spouse who is supposed to run a business while their spouse works work, does not really get in charge of the company. They avoid, ignore or hide. The fear of the fight against sales calls or the cold call The paralyzes and they hide in this fear, because the other spouse brings home income.

The spouse who is supposed to execute the company feels safe because their partner maintains the household and therefore have no real concern and can believe in myth that no news is good news. Of course, there are moments in life where stress and pressures are overwhelming. It is at that time that you have to watch you most because people tend to take a mental holiday or to take a cold drink and embark on Facebook, to get another avoidance technique or another avoidance technique. They do this vs. Confronting their fear of business and what they are afraid of learning or doing. But is it really the best solution for your problem?

It’s so important to understand because once you have hidden from your business, you start hiding from your spouse too, simply you just answer questions about the business you do not know. You close the communication lines with your spouse and you have the ignorance of bliss conversations with them. This is where things are starting to collapse in your wedding and home business. Finally, the fight against the break and you prefer to fight with your spouse, do it against your fears.

If you believe in this myth, you ever fail to all the things you start because you have not broken the cycle or the behavior model that prevented you from intensifying your leadership and your game. It’s the moment to find support. You have to talk with your spouse and find help that will work with your fears so you can push them and succeed. Just find help, whether someone in the business with you or a coach, but you have to go beyond that, if you want to succeed together.