Blackjack attracts players who want to make long-term profits that are consistent and attractive to new players because online gaming becomes more popular.

Many players have not played before thinking blackjack is complicated and requires too much effort, but this is not true.

Here are three steps to help you make great online profits even if you have never played before.

1. Why can Blackjack players win

The game object is to accumulate cards with a total point approaching 21, without more than 21 to defeat the dealer.

Face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are worth 10 points. ACES is worth 1 or 11. Other cards are represented by their relevant numbers.

With Blackjack you only compete with dealers, who don’t have the choice to make – he just follows the rules of the house. You as a player does have a choice, and this
What makes blackjack game you can win in the long run.

The choices you make will determine your success.

2. Cut the edge of the house with a basic strategy

Blackjack Basic Strategy is a method that is mathematically proven that statistically tells you how to play your card in connection with the hand that has come out of

By following the basic strategy over time you can cut edges, casinos have more than 5.75% to only 0.5%.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is easy to learn and once you are sure to play it, you can put opportunities according to the card calculation.

3. Place the opportunity according to the card calculation

All blackjack card calculation methods, and there are many, based on basic strategies and they help you spend opportunities. This is done by counting
The card has been dealing and estimates the probability of the remaining cards on the deck and the cards that are most likely to be handled next.

Players who use the correct Blackjack strategy with a card calculation system can beat the edge of the casino and the reason is simple. Low card supports dealers at
and high cards support players.

Low card supported the dealer because they helped him make a total win in his hand when he was stiff (having a total of 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 on his first two cards).

At the BlackJack casino, you can stand on a stiff if you want, but the dealer cannot, it has no choice to be made, but you do it, and here put your profits here.
The game rules require him to hit stiffly no matter how rich the deck is on a high card that will catch it.

Blackjack for players who want serious profits

The myth of blackjack is taking a lot of time and efforts to make money, but not.

Basic strategies are easy to master and you can get a graph that tells you the best option on each game, all you have to do is see!

Card calculations allow you to get excellence, and while the card calculation system can be complicated, many are simple. A simple card calculation system can be studied