Blackjack card calculations can give you excellence against casinos when playing helps you win over the long term and statistically proven to help you win

Here we will see the basics, some misunderstandings and chances are you can benefit you to win big in the calculation of blackjack cards.

1. Simple card calculation

Contrary to what many players believe the card calculation is relatively simple and easy for every player to count blackjack cards and win.

2. Card calculation theory

The blackjack card calculation is born when the book beats the dealer is published and proven mathematically that you can put the opportunities you want.

Card calculation allows players to track how many high cards or low cards have been handled, and how many will come.

When a high card is expected, the player has the advantage, and can increase the size of the bet. When a low-dominated card is expected, bets are reduced to a minimum size as a low card supports the dealer.

Thus, players have a better chance to win when they are handled by high cards, and the benefits of dealers from getting a low card.

This is because the dealer is forced to hit any hand under 17; High works because it will make a dealer.
Being a high card handled, of course, increases the chances of the players to get blackjack, which has the highest payment ratio of all hands (3-2) high cards are also better after you have a partner separated or multiply.

3. Your choice allows you to get excellence
Keep in mind the dealer has no choice to make but you do and if you make the right choice in relation to the opportunities you see from your card calculation, you can get an advantage over long-term casinos

4. Card calculation is a long-term strategy

Calculation of blackjack cards is effective in the long run but it is not a short-term strategy. In short-term results, of course it can vary dramatically, this is because it is the theory of probability and does not predict it only allows you to calculate opportunities.

5 edges obtained during the COINING CARD

The typical Blackjack card counters will play with an edge of around 1.5%, depending on the card calculation system used, the player’s skills, and casino rules encountered by players.

2% is considered the maximum edge that a player can obtain against the casino, but 1.5% may be about
maximum for most players.

The edge of the player in the multi-deck game is less than in a single deck game and less than 1%.

Playing a single blackjack deck is better than a few decks for blackjack card calculations because it calculates the probability of the card coming out of the deck.

6. Best Blackjack Card Calculation System

No best blackjack card calculation system received

In recent years there has been a step to a very complicated card calculation strategy, but don’t be fooled because it is more complicated it will be more successful.

There is no correlation between the complexity of a system and expected success.

The complicated system can also be more difficult to apply and hence more susceptible to errors.

The simple blackjack card calculation system is applied without errors – will be much more effective than the complicated ones applied with errors.

7. How easily learned?
The blackjack card calculation can be as simple or complicated as we have seen.

A simple card calculation system can be studied in one hour and no mathematical knowledge is needed.

8. Success depends on your choice!
How successful you are with blackjack card counting down for you – how you bet and how you apply your system.