Although poker and blackjack are two of the most famous and most played games at any given casino, they are entirely different in the kind of games. One is purely luck-based, while the other requires a lot of skill and calculations. Here are a few reasons proving why poker is a much better game than blackjack.


The most important factor separating poker from most other games at a casino, including blackjack, is that it requires a lot of skill. While games like blackjack are just a role of dice to some extent, poker needs you to master many skills like calculating the probability, bluffing, making the right decisions, and so on.

One cannot get good at poker in a single day, while if you are lucky enough, you are bound to win at a game of blackjack or two. There is also more theory involved in the game of poker as compared to blackjack.

Chances of winning.

The plain fact that everything in the game is not bound by luck increases your chances of winning to a great extent. When you control the whole situation, when you make the right decisions about what you want to do with your cards, you naturally begin to win more as compared to blackjack, where you either draw good cards or you don’t.

Even if you do not have a strong hand in poker, there is still a chance that you may win the round if you play it smartly enough and bluff your way through the round.

House odds.

House odds define the odds that the house or the casino has over you to win in a game. If the house odds are higher, you are not likely to win at that game. Games purely based on luck, like slot machines and lotteries, have very high house odds, which means that you are rarely going to win.

On the other hand, games like blackjack do not say that you will rarely be winning; the house odds are still relatively high. This is where you should be focusing on poker as the house odds at a table of poker is as low as 0.5 percent, which means that the house has a negligible edge in the game, and you are more likely to win. To play and enjoy, join NetBet Sport now!

Competitive sport.

One clear factor that puts poker in a unique position is that no other game in a casino is a proper sport. There are various poker competitions held across the world that have turned poker into a proper competitive sport; some of us have heard of professional poker players.

This is the clear edge that poker has over blackjack, as you would never hear about any official blackjack tournaments or will not come across any professional blackjack player. You have a proper future if you are extremely good at poker, while if you are good at blackjack, you are just a gambler.

There are several reasons why you should pick poker over any other game at a casino, as it teaches you a lot more things and helps you with your decision-making.