Nearly all gamblers are shifting from traditional casinos to Bitcoin gaming casinos. Anonymity and privacy are key reasons motivating this switch. The use of Bitcoin in gambling safeguards the privacy of the gamblers in the Casino.

Bitcoin Casino comes into two shapes. They include exclusive Ethereum casino and Hybrid Ethereum casino. The exclusive ethereum mode of payment is only through Ethereum while in hybrid ethereum casinos the mode of payment can be both ethereum and traditional currencies. Although in hybrid casinos, one has a higher chance to find multiple cryptocurrencies.

A suitable Bitcoin Casino allows you to enjoy full privacy, anonymity and fast transactions. One should be able to choose a good casino that satisfies their needs. Below are 5 crucial tips that one should consider to become a good online gambler in Bitcoin Casino.

5 tips for choosing the right Bitcoin Casino platform

  • The method of payment – This is the key factor of consideration for a Bitcoin Casino gambler. Gamblers look for a mode of payment that saves time and is convenient when it comes to depositing money and processing payouts.
  • Available Bonuses – most crypto casinos use bonuses to promote their customers. Good gamblers should be curious to know the type of bonuses available as this makes the gambler invest less and win more since there are different types of bonuses.
  • Privacy – A good platform ensures privacy to its clients when they play Bitcoin casino online. The Bitcoin Casino ensures that all it upholds their privacy at whatever cost despite even giving out one personal information.
  • Security – All gamblers need to be assured that their funds are safe and secure from fraudsters. A good Bitcoin casino contains the latest modern features, this is to mainly protect it from being hacked. A perfect example is a 2-factor authentication that assures no access by unauthorized users. Another crucial security factor is ensuring that proper auditing is undergone on the gambling site. A proper audit ensures that the services provided fix all the loopholes and that the site is secure.
  • The Customer support team– a good customer support team should take less than 24 hours to respond to any problem. This is what all gamblers love. The right Bitcoin platform assures its client’s good customer support and that they get their responses within minutes to only a few hours. It is very reliable and gamblers don’t have to undergo the pain of contacting the support team and waiting for over 24 hours.

RocketPot -The Best Bitcoin Casino Gaming Platform

RocketPot is a popular and one of the most innovative bitcoin gaming platforms too. The platform was officially launched in 2022 and licensed by the Curacao government. It was mainly created to support Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and it does not accept fiat currencies.

Rocketpot has a wide selection of games. This includes over 300+ games that are sources from at least 56 providers and can be played anytime, anywhere hence assures that the clients cannot be bored.

The platform offers the welcome bonus and deposit bonus. This is the major factor that sets this casino apart from other casinos. The welcome bonus is where the user can double their first deposit instantly.The  Players are offered instant withdrawals and can withdraw their winnings anytime. The deposit is given every time one loads funds into his or her account. The bonus may come with a times two or times three depending on the amount of deposit.

Rocketpot has customer support in languages such as German, French, Spanish, Japanese and English. By offering these languages, the casino ensures the users get help when needed.

They can be contacted  through email or live chat based on many online Rocketpot casino reviews and their research and also offer live support. They can also contact live chat or customer support through emails if they have any problems.

RocketPot, unlike other casinos, offers a unique experience of using blockchain as a payment method. It offers a unique wallet address for each transaction one might be taking. This makes the platform a very quick and fast method of payment.

The platform is also very secure. The 2-factor authentication procedure has become commonplace in the digital age making the casino industry no difference. Every time when one tries to trigger the 2- factor authentication, a unique code is sent making it extra safe while logging in. This makes the platform very secure and reliable to use.

Tips on how to become a good gambler

  • Practice before playing the real game– one of the best things to do to be a good gambler is to practice the games you want to play. By practising in a free-risk environment one is able to learn the best strategies and also skills on how to play a particular game hence familiarizing with the game. This makes it very easy for the gambler when playing the real game.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs while you gamble – Alcohol or drugs could corrupt your judgement and most into poor decision making. This could easily lead to loss when gambling.
  • Don’t play the wrong games– one should know the games to play before start playing. This is very important for one to know the games to avoid so it reduces the risk of losing.
  • Invest only what you are comfortable losing- one should keep a fixed amount of money to use for gambling. That amount should be a figure they are comfortable losing. Furthermore, the amount should be different from what the gambler uses for his or her everyday life.
  • Taking a break– A good gambler should once in a while take a break to avoid addiction. Gambling is very addictive and may result in big losses mainly caused by poor decisions.