Just when you thought he was careful to go back to the water. It was advertising for the famous 1975 Stephen Spielberg movie jaws and could be discussed that they are about to be some more sharks at sea.

The Cruise Ladbrokes Poker IV takes place on January 22, 2011. The cruise of Ladbrokes will head from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stopping at three different “exotic exotic” locations before returning to the coast on January 29th.

The entire event takes place aboard the world’s largest cruise ship, the oasis of the seas “. The entrance to this poker festival can be purchased or won.

So, what does the offer here? Simply put a three-day event, the first two are days of departure and the third being a final to crown the king of the waves. In addition, many other poker-based events help keep all the ways and the occupied poker player level for this eight-day event.

It made me think of how popular and accessible poker game. Putting the glitz and glam from this event on one side, you have to accept this event as another example of whatever popular and accessible poker.

I mean here we have an example of poker played on the seas, because it has been for years, but we have a little imagination and bulk marketing a whole event was born. Given this event, it is now in its fourth year and with the support of the Ladbrokes bookmakers, one can assume the previous events have been a success.

So now, I wonder wherever for the poker game? Where do we take the game now?

At the beginning of this article, I quoted advertising for the movie Jaws, Well, I’m now borrowing the main phrase of Star Trek, “Space The Final Frontier”.
Sir Richard Branson is about to engage in the first commercial spatial flights with the birth of Virgin Galaxy. Access to travel space is about to become much easier, not cheap but easier nevertheless.

This other opportunity presents now to promote the big poker game. Although the game does not change, the way a tournament is targeted and marketed can and change, so can we dare to dream of a new poker tournament among the stars.

Is it possible that one day we can attend the first intergalactic poker tournament. Granted at zero gravity can cause difficulties when you try to treat the cards bridge or hold them firmly facing the poker table. I’m sure if the entrepreneur chooses to follow this company will have many problems to deal with.