With so many technologies being developed, I sometimes wonder about the intersection of technology and progress. Do we really achieve progress through technological innovation? What are examples of this progress?

I observed people walking with their heads focusing on SMS or running the application on a smartphone. I have witnessed people who collided with stationary objects and moves and near accidents with people walking to the moving vehicle path.

A group of young people sitting in a cafe or another place to send messages with each other on a smartphone. Is it no better for them to socialize in the physical world when they have the opportunity?

Use of smartphones while driving a car, talk or send an SMS.

Crackberry users from smartphones from RIM.
What about the idea that technology should restore more free time for people? Now, it’s pretty much myth. I don’t know many professions where people actually work less hours because of technology availability.

Here it is January 3, 2011, fresh at the beginning of the new year. The iPhone owner back working today does not have an iPhone alarm function functioning for them.

Damage to the iPhone alarm throughout the world. $ 10 without a name alarm clock available throughout the world rose in stock prices. The first is true. The last is the crap sarcasm. Recommendation: Buy a $ 10 backup alarm clock!

The funny part is they don’t seem to be able to fix it after 3 days running! And now there is talk about the need to rewrite iOS – recreat the wheel time!

Shame, yes. But I doubt this will affect Apple’s sales, stock prices or reputation. After all, it’s not as if the iPhone can’t make a phone call! It was only fooled for several days.

Apple’s stock reached a high of $ 330.26 on January 3, 2011.
The use of smartphones is increasingly a problem in public situations such as:

Use of smartphones in the orchestral room. I think it’s quite annoying for the audience members to grope the program booklets or open plastic wrapping wrappers on candy during the parts of calm in classical music performance. Imagine a smartphone ring and courage of the audience member to take part in the conversation there and then in the middle of performance.

Use a smartphone as a flashlight to find your seat in the cinema. Is the customer always right? Ask fellow film visitors.

SMS during the film in the cinema. Most people will find a suck and disturbing screen display.

Just as it is a problem with the people at work using a computer to browse websites from personal interest, extended problems for smartphone use for personal reasons during business hours.