Football is no doubt one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people on every continent get joy out of playing, watching, and analyzing the sport. Nothing is more satisfying than your favorite football team winning a game, it’s a glorious feeling that unites thousands of fans. The games are very exciting, yes, but people have grown to love more than just that.

The business behind the scenes has also started to get people’s attention, as well as the in-depth data about players and championships. A quick and easy way this information has been brought to curious fans is through football applications. Many of these applications are specific to different areas in football with different themes, but here are some general tips that will help the success of your football app.

Get a football API

No matter what specific team or league your application is about, there is most likely an API for it ready for you to use. A prime example is a Premier League API, for, you guessed it, the Premier League by SportMonks. This specific API will provide you with data on all 20 of the Premier League teams that will keep your football app users fully informed as soon as possible.

The information includes quick and highly accurate live scores and extensive statistics per player, team, and season. Whether your football app deals with fantasy leagues or deals with safe betting, a flexible API can be of use. Being the first to get all of the data that your specific app needs, will garner you even more people from that particular community. Every football lover wants to satisfy their curiosity about their favorite team, player, or championship, with a football API you’ll be the one to give it to them.

Build a community

This won’t exactly be hard as the community for football is already quite strong. And if your football app is for a very certain area in that world, it’s highly likely the community will flock to the app. But there are a lot of football apps, you won’t be the only one. Building a strong community between the people who specifically use your app will benefit you and your users.

Creating an area in your app where you can allow users to share their football knowledge, pictures, and videos will heighten their love for the app. Sharing experiences together in a community will only strengthen it. This can also act as a great strategy to market your application to others, having content that is user generated has been proven to work a lot more than if you were to release content on your own.

Share highlights

To keep your app interesting compared to others, you can have a section where you share some highlights about the game your app follows. If you create a video and post it on YouTube, you can connect it to your app. Video ideas can be the coolest goals in the game or even the worst ones! Or you can have a video highlighting the funniest moments on the field, or the craziest moments on the football stands. Anything is possible.