It doesn’t matter if you are new to betting or a seasoned gambler, everyone always goes through rough patches where they struggle to pick up wins. This can lead you to chasing your losses – maybe the worst thing to do in football betting. By equipping yourself with knowledge on how to calculate football bets for the highest chance of success, you are bound to secure a better win ratio. We have created a list of our top tips for novices on how to bash the bookies below.

Probability vs profit

The main thing to weigh up when placing a bet is the bang for your buck ratio. How much probability the bet has coming off versus the profit that you are going to make from the bet. This is one of the number one rules when it comes to football betting for beginners. It’s pointless placing a match result bet on odds at 2/5. Match results can quite easily sway in the opponent’s favour and at those odds you are barely getting a return from the bookies if they do win. Striking a fine balance between probability and profit is key for success.

Value sports betting

If you would like to get more technical with your betting then Value betting is a great way of maximising profit through small profit margins. Running at around 2-4% profit margins, value betting is betting on outcomes which have a higher general probability than the bookies are statistically offering. This style of betting can get complicated and may be quite hard for beginners to get their heads round but is an effective way for any bettor to increase their chances of success.


When it comes to maximising your betting slip, accumulators can be a great way of getting high odds with high return bets. The issue with these types of multiple bets is the probability that they will actually result in a win are so low. Instead why not look at bet-builders or recommended RAB from FA. These options are smaller multiple bets that will still return high odds.

Pick the best market

Picking the best market for your betting slip is a key component to betting success. All too often people just pick from the EPL or bookies’ promotions with bad odds. By venturing into more unknown territory, it is less popular, therefore there is less money circulating, increasing betting odds and giving you better bang for your buck.

Do your research

When betting on anything you should do your research. By knowing each fixture inside-out you will be able to identify not only the best games to bet on but also the best types of bets to place. Research will allow you to make the most educated decisions and have the highest chance of success.

Shop around

Making sure you shop around all the bookies will ensure you get the highest success possible. Often bookies have similar odds for events but sometimes some bookies offer better odds than others – it’s worth checking them all.

Consult a tipster

If you are personally struggling with the betting game – fear not we have all had our rough patches – then it could be an idea to have a look at some tipsters. There are thousands of different tipsters nowadays who offer both free and charged services for their fans. These guys are pro bettors who do the research for you and give you the tips to allow for a much higher success rate than you may otherwise be used to.