Another popular sports betting is called parlay bet and let us try to know about it in this article. The specialty about parlays is, here sports bettors will be able to bet on 2+ point spreads, Moneyline bets or over/under or, earning higher payout in case all of their choice win as against making single bet individually.

A parlay bet

In this sport you can bet on one ticket, it will combine many straight bet wagers. Normally, with totals and spreads, you may also pool straight-up bets. But you may have different versions of your same bet while it is on different UFA games.

How does it work?

If you lose a single bet, in the sports your total parlay bet loses. You can also make either NFL parlays or a combination of different bets from different sports.

What does a parlay mean?

Parlays may also be called accumulators, multi wagers, or combo bets. One single bet that will link together 2 or more wagers and is also dependent on wagers winning together.

Parlay odds understanding

Let us look at 3 separate football games. This will appear to be something like this:

For your first bet, you may take team A to cover because they have a past history of doing well against your spread. For your second bet, you choose team B to win this game straight up. In the 3rd bet, you think the total points scored may be a minimum of 48 so we can take the OVER.

For each game, the same odds will appear as they would appear if you made an individual bet. But, your football parlay odds for your entire bet will be +600 (6-1) as you have got a 50-50 chance to win each bet.

In case you bet $100 for the whole parlay bet, then you’d get $700 as parlay payout i.e. your original $100 and your $600 the amount of the winning.